More Stories from the Frontline

This time ZoomImpulse from the Localization-Team found some time to share his wisdom with us.


I am the head of localization of Star Trek New Horizons. Since the day I joined much has changed. I joined the team back in October and immediately started to work on German translation. As the days passed I realized I could do more than just translating and so one thing lead to another. Now I manage everything that’s related to translation and writing of new descriptions for the mod. It’s wonderful to see how many different people are interested in helping in this field! You get to know people from Canada, USA, Brazil all the way to Russia and New Zealand! This is the great feature of our community, everyone can contribute something to the mod! I hope our community grows further, so our mod can be fully translated into all the available languages, to give, eventually, a full Star Trek New Horizons experience!

Thanks for your great support and as always, live long and prosper!


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