Offical Beta Release Trailer of ST: New Horizons – Assimilation

After over 15 months of development and thousands of work hours, Paradoxical Design Group, an independent, international mod team, is proud to officially announce: Star Trek New Horizon – Assimilation. This is the long-awaited Beta release for the award-winning and popular (1st spot on Steam workshop) Star Trek mod.

To celebrate our Beta reveal, we are proud to present our first official trailer, which lovingly recreates some of the most iconic battles against the Borg. The Borg themselves are at the very heart of Assimilation, which focuses on adding the Borg as a major playable faction, with their own megastructures, ships, technologies and weapons, as well as unique mechanics and events. Struggle to stop the Borg in their quest to take over the galaxy, or try to keep the Borg Collective pure from outside influences, including Species 8472, the Borg Cooperative, Unimatrix Zero, rogue androids mad for control, and much more.

For the main reveal and many more upcoming features, as well as an official release date, stay tuned to the news coming out of Gamescom in the next few days.

Offical Beta Release Trailer of ST: New Horizons – Assimilation:

Where no mod has gone before – Writing Game History.

In June 2016 we uploaded our first release of the ST:New Horizons total conversion mod for Stellaris.

Image: Alexander Weide

Since then the mod has grown in scale and depth. While we recognize there is still a wealth of species, ships, events and concepts from the Star Trek universe that have yet to be brought into New Horizons, we feel that with our next release we will have reached a significant enough milestone that we can drop the “Alpha” label and move into our “Beta” period.

Much requested features like playable Borg, the Mirror Universe and the Terran Empire, the organ-harvesting Vidiians and a wholly revamped tech tree with new components will be available for players to engage with. To reinforce this Beta release, the ST New Horizons team will be at Gamescom, with a few surprises to show attendees.

To reinforce this Beta release, the ST New Horizons is at Gamescom in Germany on 22-23rd of August, with a few surprises to show attendees.

We look forward to seeing you there!

What’s inside the Anniversary Update? Pt. 2 incl. Patch Notes

It’s been a long road, getting from there to here. In one year, the mod has undergone multiple transformations, and today it is almost unrecognizable from the first files uploaded to Steam. The team has blossomed, expanding to now include dozen of supporters, from a solid core in Germany and England, all the way to Korea, Thailand, Israel, Brazil and Canada. Over fifty species populate our multiple maps, with hundreds of unique ships in 18 ship sets. Our technology tree has been overhauled twice (with a third revision incoming!). Our ship design menu is unique to New Horizons. We’ve added music and now voice overs, and have written hundreds of thousands of lines of text and code. We are very proud of all we have accomplished, but there is a lot more coming.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.


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Happy Birthday STNH: Stories from the Frontline of Mod Development

As you are probably aware by now, exactly one year ago, the mod was first uploaded to Steam. And how does the team celebrate this? By working extra hard on releasing a new patch for the occasion. Guys, that’s not how this works. You should get drunk. Party! You know, have some fun!

But this post is not about the patch or the teams blatant disregard for leisure time. Instead we take a quick look behind the scenes and let some of the folks who make all this possible talk about how this unwavering dedication to the project came to be, what they take from it, or why you don’t mess with Harel.

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Just Q – Version

Human beings. They’re all sopping over with compassion and forgiveness. They can’t wait to absolve… almost any offense. It’s an inherent weakness of the breed. Yet they hold a dear place in one of my hearts. Wait, do I even have a heart? Right, I still haven’t introduced myself. I am Q. Yes, just Q. You might call me anything you like, as long as it’s Q. Anyway, back to the topic on hand: You humans are weak. It perplexes me to this day that your species even made it out of the swamps. But I’m nothing if not a true sports-Q and so I took it upon myself to update this Stellaris game you seem to be struggling with. Just ask for my help next time you start a game and thou shall receive. Continue reading “Just Q – Version”

New Release: v0.9.4 – The Easter Incident


  • Suliban ships and habitats
  • Terra Nova anomaly
  • Cardassian: more female Scientists, more male Admirals
  • Female Ferengi Leaders removed
  • Hirogen portraits
  • Q-Tips



  • Skin of Evil
  • Localization fixes and additions
  • Indiviual Diplomatic Rooms
  • Song Names
  • Dominion Home System
  • Jem hadar Armies
  • Goverment and Ethic changes