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Stellaris’ New Horizons mod is the best Star Trek game

The scale of the thing astounds me. Downloading it, I prepared myself for loads of bugs and missing features, expecting just a slice of Star Trek rather than the whole cake. What greeted me was a cake buffet.

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Best Total Conversion Mods

A work-in-progress mod whose most recent update is mighty impressive – offering players more than 50 pre-scripted races with canon starting positions and tonnes of ships and weapons. A great tribute to Star Trek that’s also an equally great Stellaris mod for those not interested in the Enterprise.

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Star Trek New Horizons mod boldly revamps Stellaris

Relevant to the Enterprise era and that of the original series, the mod introduces replica uniforms and portraits specific to each time period; it adds new Torpedo weapons and shields; new races; and the The Borg in place of the Scourge crisis events featured in the original game.

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Star Trek: New Horizons is the Mod that Keeps on Giving

It’s been a year since Paradoxical Development Group released the Star Trek: New Horizons mod for Stellaris, featuring re-modeled, re-skinned, re-everything for the 4X strategy game. They literally made a new game inside another game.

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Modders are Turning Stellaris into Star Trek

So if you’ve ever dreamed of gallivanting through space as Captain Kirk, seducing alien women and exploring distant planets, then you should definitely be excited for this mod.

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Star-Trek-Mod »New Horizons« bringt Trekkie-Flair

Die Modifikation Star Trek New Horizon von einem Modder namens G-Man ist in der Zeitlinie zwischen 2150 und 2400 angesiedelt und gibt Stellaris ein ausgeklügeltes Star-Trek-Flair.

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Interview: New Horizons – Wer steckt hinter dem besten Enterprise-Spiel seit Jahren?

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